carpet flooring contractor work done by A&M Home Improvement in North Plainfield, NJ and Westfield, NJ

Don't Settle for Dingy or Damaged Carpet

Depend on us for a carpet replacement in North Plainfield or Westfield, NJ

Have you noticed your carpet looking a little-or a lot-worse for wear? Maybe your old couch or your new puppy created a rip, stain or sunken place, or you've let so much dust sink in that your once-white carpeting has turned gray. Don't risk making the problem worse with DIY fixes-instead, get help from a dedicated flooring contractor.

The carpet experts at A&M Home Improvements can remove your old, worn-out dust trap and replace it with a clean new carpet.

Get a free estimate on your carpet installation in the Westfield or North Plainfield, NJ area. Contact us today.

How will you know if you need new carpeting?

It's probably time to replace your carpet if:

  • It has rips, tears or frayed sections.
  • It has major stains or lingering odors.
  • It has been flattened by heavy furniture.

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